Greenville native brings Soulfood Sessions home


Food for the mind, body, and soul.

That’s what Niya Brown Matthews is serving up Sunday in Greenville at the Soulfood Sessions Women’s Empowerment Forum.

“For those dynamic women, mothers, entrepreneurs, I am here to give something back to you so that you can live your full purpose,” said Niya Brown Matthews, creator of Soulfood Sessions.

Matthews is a life coach, author, motivational speaker, and a Greenville native. She’s hoping to remind women that they deserve to recharge too.

“Self-care I think is one of those things we just put along the wayside and then we burn out,” said Matthews.

After fighting breast cancer twice, Matthews’ doctor told her to start keeping a journal. That’s where the inspiration started.

“I said, you know what, we face all types of obstacles…divorce, health, death, so when I figured out my method of coping I just wanted to share that with other people,” said Matthews.

Matthews said this forum is all about getting women to network with one another on a deeper level, all while learning more about finances, friendship, and spirituality.

Many women attending say it’s great to share experiences that come with being a woman.

“If you have these gathering there are more women that come out. They come out from different regions, different states, and we all come together and we meet, and we meet, and we know that there are more than just two people you can talk to. More than your best friend,” said Shewanda Terry, one of the women attending the forum.

Overall, Matthews said it all comes down to supporting one another.

“I am my own self-motivator,” said Matthews. “Some people aren’t, so why not be a cheerleader for others.”

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