Greenville peaceful protesters help register people to vote



Protesters got together at Kabob Kings and East Carolina Italian Ice in Greenville on June 6th to register and educate people on voting for the upcoming November election.

“We’re taking action by getting people registered to vote, so we can make a difference in this upcoming election,” said ECU senior Justus Ellerbe.

Ellerbe believes it’s important to get people to vote in this heated political climate.

“I hope that it holds to the nation we understand we have our differences, but those differences make us unique,” said Ellerbe.

Events like the one in Greenville follow the killing of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man who died at the hands of a white police officer.

Floyd’s death has sparked a need for change.

David Ball is an ECU junior.

As a white man, he believes it’s his duty to speak up.

“The first step to action is for white people to step up, acknowledge our privileged, and help our black brothers and sisters out,” said Ball.

Before the event, people gathered together to walk with spiritual leaders to The Greenville City Council building, with peace and prayer on the mind.

Author and public speaker Dr. Eveangal Savage says continuing to speak up and hold events like this one will help the cause in the future.

“It’s not until we continue to build the momentum of the work that we’re doing of the visibility and importance of the work that we’re doing, til we continue to make change,” said Savage.

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