GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Law enforcement agencies arrested 61 individuals and served 400 warrants, most in Greenville, as part of Operation Janus, a three-day initiative focusing on offenders with outstanding warrants, gang and drug violations.

The operation resulted in 61 arrests and the seizure of five guns, heroin valued at $81,660, cocaine valued at $12,584, marijuana valued at $1,950 and U.S. currency totaling $8,100.

Those who were captured during Operation Janus, as well as those who remain fugitives, are in the slideshow below:

The operation ran just three days and involved 40 law enforcement officers and investigators from the  Greenville Police Department, United States Marshals Service, North Carolina SBI, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, NC Department of Public Safety, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“Operations such as this one are vital in maintaining the safety of our neighborhoods,” said Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman. “I would like to thank all of our local, state, and federal partners for helping make this operation a success. Your efforts have helped make a safer start to the year possible. “

Many of those arrested are now charged with selling drugs near schools or parks. Chief Holtzman said people shouldn’t look at drug dealing is just minor offenses.

“A lot of people look at street level drug violence and they think, you know, what are we accomplishing here? Are we really going after the ones that are doing the real crime, the shooting ups, the robberies, the home invasions? The truth is yes,” he said.

Community members like Diane Kulik believe operations like this help to improve the relationship between the community and police. She said drug dealings so close to kids is concerning.

“It’s hurting our children, our teenagers, it probably hurts all of society, and it’s really bad if it gets near the schools, into the schools,” she said.

This operation represents the Violent Crime Reduction Unit’s overarching enforcement strategy, which aims to join anti-violence, anti-gang and narcotic resources from federal, state, and local partners, and utilize each agency’s expertise to remove these criminals and their weapons, drugs, and cash from our communities. The initiative is not over, however; as all violators were not apprehended and Greenville police said additional arrests are likely.

By area, those who were captured as well as those who remain as fugitives were from:

  • Greenville – 70
  • Ayden – 1
  • Grimesland – 2
  • Winterville – 1
  • Snow Hill – 1
  • Farmville – 1
  • Simpson – 1
  • Raleigh – 1
  • Maury – 1
  • Unknown – 1

All of the 19 remaining fugitives have Greenville addresses.