Grilling Buddies expects to reopen in new location by June

Hurricane Florence destroyed every piece of equipment inside the Grilling Buddies restaurant leaving nothing to salvage. The restaurant owner, Eddie Jenkins, said all of the food that was saved was donated to those in need.
“The big double freezers and stuff like that full of food had just been turned bottom side up and dumped on tables,” Jenkins said. “You never would have figured that it would float with that much weight, but it did.”
The Jenkins family had planned to rebuild “Grilling Buddies” immediately after the storm, but the restaurant wasn’t the on thing that Florence left under water. Flooding also impacted their home and that was their first priority. 
“At the end of March we will be back in our house, so the next thing is to rebuild the Grill because everybody is wanting to know if we’re going to rebuild and we’re going to get it going,” Jenkins said.
The original building was beyond repair. Owners decided to take a chance and move the restaurant’s location right next door.
“Even though it’s next door, it has a higher visibility than the previous building, because we were shaded by trees. It was a little bit of a set back,” Jenkins said.
The next step is to begin tearing down the walls and install some new handicap restrooms for the restaurant.
“We’re trying to have us do what Christ would have us do and that’s help each other. I know when we get this open, the community is going to come back together to help support it,” Jenkins said.
Grilling Buddies is expected to reopen by June at the latest.

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