Grocery stores see a rush as people prepare for the storm


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – People headed to local grocery stores to stock up on necessities in preps for Hermine on Friday.

The first stop is the bread and milk aisle.

A Greenville Food Lion store manager Anthony Henderson said those are the first to go because they are the simplest ingredients during an emergency.

He said they stock up during hurricane season, “Things that you would need to stay on refrigeration for long periods of time. Fresh items such as you know meats and things like that might spoil if the refrigerator does turn off that you can’t keep refrigerating for a long time.”

Dorothy Baverstock regularly stays stocked because she has seen so many storms in her day. She keeps the basics in her fridge the same reason others come to get last minute groceries.

“They want to just feed their families the way they are used to being fed. Sometimes you do buy things that are prepared like canned things that you have in the back you know to help out when you’re short on other things,” explained Baverstock.

The best foods to bring home are items that won’t spoil in case the power goes out.

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