GUC meets with City Council on water plant expansion


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) —The Greenville City Council is meeting with Greenville Utilities at the water plant Monday to discuss progress on its expansion.

The expansion began in 2014.

GUC communications director Steve Hawley said with new city council members, he wants to get everyone on the same page.

“We are really giving the board people an update of what is to come, letting them know how we have been trying to save money and what the project will actually cost,” Hawley said.

He said it will cost $77.5 million over the next ten years but also said they are finding ways to save money.

“Our waste water folks have come up with several differ conservation projects where they have been able to defer having to expand the plant,” said Hawley.

Keeping the plant inside its current parameters on Aqua Lane will cut costs.

GUC water treatment plant superintendent Julius Patrick said the expansion will add 10 more basins to the plant, producing 10 million more gallons of water per day.

“We’ve seen our peak day demand at about 80 percent of capacity,” said Patrick. “Going up another additional 10 million gallons a day would ensure Greenville Utilities is safe for the future as far as water supply.”

The plant will churn out about 32 million gallons total a day.

“The potential growth for Greenville is the whole reason why we are doing it,” said Hawley. “We are trying to meet current capacity, but as you look around, you see new houses going up, new businesses being built, new apartment complexes going up, and we have to be able to meet those demands for the next few years and future as well.”

Hawley said they are looking ahead, so they can continue to meet the growing demands of Greenville.

“We are always on the lookout for how can you maintain those costs and reduce them as much as possible and serve our customers now and in the future,” Hawley said.

Construction will begin next summer.

The project is supposed to be complete by 2022.

Hawley said they try to plan expansions once every about 20 years. The last one was in 2002.

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