GUC warns of unseen leaking or busted pipes


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Nearly a week after the snow first fell on the east, the concern now turns to frozen or busted pipes.

Greenville Utilities warns it’s an issue that could be wasting tons of water and cost you hundreds of dollars.

Anthony Whitehead is the water quality manager for GUC and said they have seen higher than normal water demand recently.

“We do have extra capacity where we can provide water to our customers but we want our customers to use their water wisely,” Whitehead said.

GUC said it may be hard to know if the moisture in your yard is from the melting snow or a bigger problem like a busted or leaking pipe.

Whitehead said, “We did have a lot of people calling in who wanted their water shut off, and we did find a lot of services that are leaking and then burst.”

GUC recommends you take a moment to stop and listen for the sound of running water. Additionally, they suggest looking in crawl spaces and outdoor spouts for signs of leaks.

Even the smallest signs can be an indicator of a bigger problem that could cost you thousands in the end.

“Those lines could freeze and then once they thaw the water could be running continuously,” said Whitehead.

When leaks or busts cause over usage a strain is felt at the water treatment plant.

Whitehead said the city fell just short of a record consumption Monday with 17.4 million gallons consumed. That’s less than a half million gallons away from the record set in 2015.

“For this time of the year, we average about 13 to 14 million gallons. We are over about three-and-a-half million of what we would expect to see,” said Whitehead.

These higher than normal averages are causing GUC to ask you to catch problems early.

Whitehead said, “You don’t want to stress out your system any more than you have to. If our customers are benefiting from what’s going through their meter than we don’t want that going through their meter.”

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