Havelock students use Legos to recreate Shakespeare scenes


HAVELOCK, N.C. (WNCT) – Students at Early College EAST in Havelock took learning about Shakespeare to a whole new level on Monday, using Legos to recreate scenes from Romeo and Juliet with the Brick Scholars program.

“I actually built the balcony scene,” said Eden Hancock, a ninth-grader at the school. “It’s the most famous scene. It’s where they plan their marriage.”

By constructing 3D Lego models, the objective is to allow students to be hands on.

“It might be hard to articulate a complex idea, but if they can build a 3D model, they’re able to articulate clearly what their idea is and take it from their imagination into a 3D model,” said Megan Oteri, Bricks Scholars founder and education director.

Each group analyzed a different act from the play.

“We just thought about what are the main points, the main idea, and we went off of that,” said ninth-grader Kaylee Haas. “We decided the part where they die would be – because that just stands out the most.”

The goal was to give new life to what were simply words on the page.

“For English, giving them something like this gives them that hands-on learning that’s really hard to do the rest of the time when you’re just reading and writing papers,” said Nikki Cox, an English teacher at the school.

After building individual scenes, students then built their idea of the overall theme of the play.

“I’ve never really played with Legos that much, but I thought it was really interesting, and it helped us see things in a different view,” said Hancock.

Early College EAST incorporates math and science education into all of its courses and all students take an engineering course their freshman year.

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