Heat exhaustion can strike quicker than you think


ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) – The official start of summer is June 21, but people in eastern North Carolina are already starting to feel the heat.

By the weekend, signs of heat exhaustion may catch up with you quicker than you think.

Spend just a second outside and you’ll likely feel the sun beat down. It’s something folks North Carolina are seemingly used to this time of year.

As the mercury rises, so does the chance that you’ll end up in the hospital.

“Limit your time in the sun, especially for infants and younger kids,” explained Brantley Acre, Atlantic Beach lifeguard. “You don’t want to have them out here burning up.”

Heat exhaustion can hit after about three hours, if you’re not drinking enough water. You may notice that you’re nearing that point if you start having a headache.

And while it’s common for those whose job it is to spend outside, those who are off the clock are just as likely to experience the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

“It’s mainly alcohol that plays a big part in a lot of it,” said Acre. “People don’t realize how much that really takes [it] out of them.”

For beachgoers and those alike, you need to put a lot of sunscreen on and, again, drink lots of water.

It’s good to keep in mind your four-legged friends. Heat stroke kills thousands of animals a year.

So make sure they have enough shade and water, even while on beach.

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