Heating tips for keeping your home safe this winter


ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) —The warm-up is coming but we’ll have to deal with another night of freezing temperatures. That’s why officials want to make sure people are using caution when heating their homes.

One of the biggest hazards, is using your oven to keep your house warm. It’s not only a fire hazard, but you have to worry about carbon monoxide too.

Fires and space heaters may seem great, but when not handled properly, they can turn deadly.

If you’re not smart about the way you keep warm, you could have a fire hazard on your hands.

“If you’re going to use any type of portable heating equipment, make sure the equipment’s in good condition and that it’s a listed, safe product,” said deputy Chief Mike Simpson with the Atlantic Beach Fire Department. “Make sure the cords are intact and not frayed or torn.”

And if you’re not sure whether a personal heater is safe to use, read the label on the box to ensure that you’re using the product as advised.

Simpson also warned that if your pipes start to freeze up, you should never use an open flame to warm them. This could lead to a fire in an enclosed space.

“It can put you in situations where you may be under a house or in a tight compartment,” said Simpson. “And if a fire starts, not only could you damage your home or lose your home entirely, but you could also get injured or become entrapped in that space as well.”

He recommendsyou call a licensed plumber or use something safer like a hair dryer to warm the pipes.

And if you can, plan ahead. Wrapping the pipes or exposing them to warm, inside air when it starts to get cold outside will prevent the pipes from freezing over and bursting.

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