RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A bill was filed Monday in the N.C. House that proposes to make the Moravian cookie the official cookie of North Carolina and the Moravian Star the official state star.

Rep. Donna McDowell White (R-Johnston County) is the primary sponsor joined by three Piedmont Triad lawmakers, Reps. John Hardister, Donny Lambeth, and Jeff Zenger.

The single-page bill explains the history of the Moravians in North Carolina, as well as, the origins of the cookie and the star.

According to the bill, Moravian cookies have been made and sold in Winston-Salem since the 1950s and “millions of pounds of cookies are baked, packaged, and distributed worldwide annually.”

The spice cookie is a descendant of the German Lebkuchen cookie, according to the North Carolina Government and Heritage Library. Moravians brought the treat with them when they immigrated to the central part of the state in 1753.

The origin of the star, the bill states, is believed to have “originated in the 1830s during a geometry lesson at the Moravian Boys School” and has since become a popular symbol all around the world.

“The stars were carried throughout the world by missionaries and other church workers,” the Moravian Church states on its website.

This act, according to the bill, would “recognize the positive impact the Moravians have had on” the state’s culture.

CBS 17 reached out to Rep. White for a comment about the bill and is waiting to hear back from her.