Improper use of turn lanes cause safety concerns


Greenville, N.C. (WNCT)- Drivers improperly using turn lanes are becoming a safety concern for those around them.

The other night a driver out on Allen Road was trying to make a turn when they were hit. Residents around here say it’s not the first time this has happened. Improper usage of the turn lane is becoming a norm out on the roadway.

Everyone does it. The minute they clock out of work they rush home. Ignoring the solid, yellow line that indicates a no passing zone, drivers are using turn lanes to quickly get around traffic. Business owners out on the road say its concern for both them and their customers.

“A lot of times my customers turning in is hazardous because people are flying down here and they’re trying to pass the other people that are going to slow for them,” said Jessica Gardner, owner of the Pink Poodle, “especially in the mornings, coming in here a lot of people pass and go into that middle lane.”

Many drivers are not aware that some turn lanes are used for both left and right turns until it’s too late. Improper use of the lane can result in collisions and obstruction to traffic. Accidents occurring due to this maneuver have resulted in severely injured drivers and heavy charges for those responsible. Those living off Allen Road say turning into their own driveways is a scary risk these days.

“I literally say a prayer and just hope I can make it to my turn and get into my apartment and get both of us in the house safely,” said Sasha Pugh, resident and mother of a toddler.

Drivers should always keep in mind that safety will always be more important than arriving home five minutes earlier.

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