Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration held Sunday in Greenville


An Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration took place Sunday at Congregation Bayt Shalom in Greenville. 

A daughter of an Auschwitz survivor shared stories of her family.

There was a musical presentation, readings and a reception. 

People lit seven candles to represent the six million Jewish people and millions of others who were victims of the Nazis. 

“We need to retell these stories so we can remind ourselves to stay in touch more with our love, never forget about our fear, but to put it in its place so things like this, genocides especially, will not happen again,” Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman said. 

The Rabbi said the Holocaust is the greatest tragedy in Jewish history. 

He said it is important not to forget the bad things that happened, and it is also important to remember the heroism people displayed when they fought back.

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