All-you-can-eat restaurant closes after customers eat too much

KRON - An all-you-can-eat restaurant in China has shut its doors after it fell into debt only two weeks after opening.

The Chinese hot pot restaurant Jiamener started out by offering a month of unlimited food for $25 USD starting June 1.

In just two weeks, Jiamener racked up $100,000 in debt, according to ABC Austraila.

Customers paid the fee and got a membership card that entitled them to unlimited food for the month. 

Some report that customers shared the card with family and friends, which increased the volume of meals being consumed on a single purchase, according to the Chengu Economic Daily.

Officials say the restaurant served an excess of 500 customers per day.

Owners told ABC Australia  they didn't think they'd lose money but rather that the could accumulate more repeat customers. 

According to ABC, hot pot is very popular in Chengdu. 

It's estimated there are around 20,000 hot pot restaurants across the city. 

People took to social media to chastise the owners for thinking the promo was a good idea.

“You would not dare to play this kind of thinking in China,” wrote one person. 

"Never underestimate our Chinese appetite" said another.

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