GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As the war in Ukraine continues, people in Eastern North Carolina are doing their part to help the cause. This includes a Greenville man who has been working to help in the war zone since it started.

Alex Gowen has been working to help hospitals in Ukraine throughout the course of the war. Now, he said, we must not forget just how significant this war is.

Established in 2005, Gowen’s organization, The Fishermen, works to provide education and healthcare for orphaned children around the world.

Gowen said when they heard of the conflict in Ukraine, he knew it was time to focus their resources there and that has not been easy.

“The problem is the hospitals that we were supplying, were largely destroyed by the Russians … they were targeted, and destroyed,” said Gowen.

Gowen and his team all work as volunteers. He said they do it because the need is so great.

“You know, they target children. They target cars with children, they talk to target buildings with children, they target children’s hospitals, because I went to them,” said Gowen.

Gowen said he wants people to understand the horrific things they have heard and seen about the war so they know they are actually happening.

“Like Bucha. We were there. And we went to the site where the, you know, the massive executions happened,” he said.

He said he has noticed humanitarian aid decrease but military aid has increased, now providing heavy weaponry to Ukraine. Gowen said that is exactly what they need to defeat Russia.

“They’re just destroying cities. And the Ukrainians could stop them, if they have enough weapons, the right kind of weapons,” said Gowen.

When it comes to why Americans should care, Gowen said the answer to that is easy.

“Actually, that’s a fairly easy one to answer in that. Ukraine is the division between Russia and Europe, and the rest of the world, really. So we really do need to care about Ukraine, because they are fighting our war for us,” said Gowen.

Gowen said it’s been incredible to see Ukrainians already start to rebuild their country even as things continue to be destroyed. If you would like to help in these efforts, you can donate here.