Jacksonville goes entire year with no fatal crashes in city

The city of Jacksonville has gone a whole year without deadly crashes.
“We are exceptionally happy with the fact that there were zero fatal crashes in Jacksonville last year,” said Anthony Prinz, Transportation Services director. “In fact, we were in December knocking on wood, crossing our fingers that nothing was going to happen,”
This milestone is a testament to the work done by the law enforcement, traffic engineering division, and the department of transportation over the past several years. 
“In response what we’ve done in the past we’ve made signal adjustments, we’ve made pavement marking adjustments, we’ve gotten money to build new projects. Just a whole variety of different of solutions that are available to us,” Prinz said.
Lt. Seal Magill with the Jacksonville Police Department said this accomplishment couldn’t have been reached without the compliance of drivers.
“Constantly being out there doing the enforcing, getting the information out that does correct driver behavior. We start getting compliance you know, the impaired drivers we start seeing more and more where they’re utilizing their designated driver or utilizing ride sharing apps and just avoiding those things that will get them in trouble,” Magill said.
Since Dec. 2010 Lt. Magill said there has only been one fatal accident here in Jacksonville caused by an alcohol-impaired driver
Even with no deadly crashes in 2018, Jacksonville officials say the work doesn’t stop.
“Even though we’ve gotten to zero crashes for this past year, we’re going to continue to strive to improve our safety ratings,” Prinz said.

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