GREENVILLE (WNCT) –  Zay Jones, the NCAA’s all-time receptions leader, was the star on Thursday as East Carolina hosted Pro Day-2017.

Several other Pirate players worked out in front of the NFL scouts, most of which are hoping to secure free agent contracts to get a shot with a team after the April NFL draft.

Jones, though, could go as high as the first round. His stock has skyrocketed after his performance at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine.

Zay’s Dad and former Dallas linebacker Robert Jones and former Titan’s running back Chris Johnson were both picked 24th in the first round by their respective teams. That’s highest in school history.

Zay could possibly go higher.

“It would mean the world,” said Zay after today’s workout on Pro Day. “It would be great  for the program. Everybody watches the draft. I don’t know a football fan who doesn’t watch the draft, so to have Pirate Nation to see me would be phenomenal. There’s something a little extra special about round one.”

Robert says it’s fine with him if his son becomes the highest ever first round pick in program history.

“I would love it because I have told him that I want him to be better than me,” said Robert after watching Zay perform in front of the scouts today. “From his Freshman year when he was crying in front of the facility there I told him it was time to grow up . I want to come back here and you be better than me and that’s what he’s done so far.”

The NFL draft kicks off on April 27th.