Kinston community address violence in neighborhood in Wednesday night forum

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Kinston community leaders and members are coming together Wednesday night to address violence in their neighborhoods.

 This is the first time where members of the community are organizing a joint event like this.

People want to host the forum because they are the ones who want to see change.

Organizers say it’s not just the youth that needs to be addressed though.

They say the violence isn’t happening in one community and when an incident happens it hurts the community as a whole.

Dorian Edwards is a Kinston native and believes tonight’s meeting is a start to something great. 

“If we want to get our youth back on track, if we want to get our communities back, what we want them to be, it takes an investment,” said Edwards. “Things are going to come about, people are going to have opinions that may not be popular and it may rub some people the wrong way.” 

Organizers want everybody to come together as one and help be the start of the end of violence in Kinston and they can find the help at the forum.

Mental health advisors, pastors, and councilors are coming from all around the east to act as a resource to those who attend.

Some feel this process can help many communities.

“It’s not only going to work for this town it’s going to work for others once we get the process out and we get it kicking and we get it going they will see that the renewing of the mind is the answer,” said forum sponsor Carolyn Dawson

 Many community members were on hand including Mayor Don Hardy.

Organizers say they aren’t going to stop here and hope to host many more.

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