Kinston Department of Public Safety welcomes two K-9 officers


KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – The Kinston Department of Public Safety is getting its two newest members ready for work. K-9’s Brinx and Odin will patrol the streets after they complete their training.

“He’s got my back. He’s the best kind of backup there is,” said Officer Brandon Wells.

Officer Brandon Wells is talking about his furry four-legged co-worker. Wells says the department added the two K-9s to help reduce crime on the streets of Kinston.

Wells said, “The dogs do a variety of things from finding articles to finding drugs and people. They can track anyone from a bank robber to a missing child. “

He says the best thing about having a K-9 is their strong sense of smell.  “They are trained to find two odors when they get out of the car, that of a human being and that of a control substance without command.”

Interim Chief Greg Thompson says each K-9 costs around 13,000 dollars.

“We did this and re-established this program with drug forfeiture money, so there is no cost to taxpayers,” Thompson said.

Thompson says having a total of four dogs will allow each shift to have one.

“We were having breaks in shifts and we wanted 24-hour coverage for our K-9 program.

Brix and Odin were born in Europe and started their training in Nash County.  Officer wells said they will continue to train 10 hours a day for three more weeks. After that, they’ll be ready to hit the streets.

Wells says his patrol partner is an extra two eyes, two ears, and a strong nose to help him keep Kinston safe.

The K-9’s are expected to hit the street by the middle of February. Both dogs will receive K-9 vests through grants.

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