When it comes to crime, Kinston is near the top of one online list. 

It is ranked the third most dangerous city in North Carolina, according to Road Snacks

Road Snacks used information from a 2016 FBI report on crime data to compile its rankings. 

The list looks at violent crimes per capita and property crimes per capita. 

Kinston, which is one of the smallest cities on the list, saw over 250 violent crimes between 2014 and 2016. 

Police Chief Alonzo Jaynes said since then, they have improved public safety. 

“Crime intelligence or hot spot mapping, look at crime trends in specific communities,” Jaynes said. “We deploy resources to those communities immediately. We have more officers on patrol.”

Jaynes said misdemeanors are more common than Part 1 crimes like homicide, and they respond mainly to domestic disturbances. 

Jaynes said it is important to note that other online lists rank Kinston in the top safest places to live in North Carolina. 

“We can’t really focus on crime stats because one minute you can be the safest city or deemed the safest city, and the next minute you can have a horrific event,” Jaynes said. 

Residents shared their thoughts on the issue.

“Shooting and fighting mainly and robberies.”

“It used to be worse than this, like ten times worse. Because a lot of people die, people die young here.” 

“I haven’t seen any crime much and I feel safe here.” 

Jaynes said their priority is being there when Kinston needs them. 

“Regardless of how we rank, we will always strive to be better because we owe it to the citizens of Kinston,” Jaynes said.