Lack of lifeguards makes learning CPR that much more important


EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With many beaches with few, or no, lifeguards and pools with swim at your own risks policies in the East, learning CPR this summer has become that much more important.

First responders told WNCT CPR is a life skill everyone should know.

“You never know when somebody is just going to fall down in front of you and need your help,” said Lt. James Ainsworth, with the Atlantic Beach Fire Department. “It happens everywhere all over the country.”

Ainsworth said often times when they get to the scene, people have already started some type of care for the patient.

For CPR, it only takes a few steps to make a big difference.

  1. Call 911
  2. Check for breathing and pulse
  3. Position your hands in the lower, middle part of the chest (exception: only use two fingers for infants and small children)
  4. Perform 30 chest compressions, about 2 inches deep
  5. Tilt the head back, and perform two rescue breaths
  6. Repeat the compressions and breaths until help arrives, or the person regains consciousness

Brandon Jones, a lifeguard in Emerald Isle, said he has had to use CPR himself to help save a life.

“We didn’t know who it was, it didn’t matter,” he said. “We get there, and we realized this patient wasn’t breathing.”

CPR classes are offered by local Red Cross offices in the East. You can also try reaching out to your local fire department to see if they schedule classes.

CPR STAT Inc., with offices in Greenville, offer both community and healthcare provider CPR, traveling to different locations in the East to teach the important skill. For more information, click here, or you can email them at, or call 252-321-3617.

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