KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – In Lenoir County, business owners are prepping for water as the Kinston Chamber of Commerce provides with sandbags thanks to the help of local volunteers who said they worked too hard to build Kinston up and did not want the city to experience devastation similar to that of Hurricane Floyd.

City Manager Tony Sears said the water led them to close off a road with businesses on it.

Earlier today the river…was coming into our storm drain,” said Sear. “It was becoming a hazard. Obviously we don’t want people riding through that water.”

However, he said things are looking up for the city.

“We’re fairly confident we’re at the crest or just past the crest right now, which is really great news for our community,” Sears said.

He said Kinston is strong community that will weather the flooding.

“Spirits are really high,” said Sears. “What happened in ’99 has had people prepare a little bit better than we were then. We’re Kinston tough.”