Lenoir County Salvation Army provides relief to those unable to pay bills


PINK HILL, N.C. (WNCT) —The Salvation Army is working to help those in need who are unable to pay their bills.

When the temperatures rise in summer, so do electric bills. During this time, Salvation Army case workers say they tend to see an increase in requests for help.

“This time of year, it’s a struggle,” case worker Gloria Perry said.

The Lenoir County Salvation Army is already working to overcome deficits left behind by Hurricane Matthew, a storm the community is still recovering from.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs, and with Matthew, a lot of people were out of work, so we were trying to help them with that,” Perry said.

The Lenoir County Salvation Army says the requests include food, rental and utility assistance. FEMA and United Way help provide funds to pay for peoples’ bills, but the money runs out quickly.

“It would be nice if we could get maybe a grant or other resources as far as trying to keep money for the whole month,” Perry said. “Sometimes maybe by the 15th of the month, we are out.”

Last year, the Lenoir County branch served over 3,000 people in need of assistance. Case workers hope more community members will get involved and donate in 2017.

“It’s a real good feeling to know that you can help somebody that month, but you always have to ask them, ‘Well do you have a plan for the next month?'” Perry said. “Sometimes they will, sometimes they won’t.You still help them.”

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