Lenoir County schools to implement a ‘Partnership Agreement’


LENOIR COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT) – Lenoir County Schools are working with multiple agencies on a plan to help their students with disciplinary actions in schools instead of within court systems.

It’s called “PACTS” or the Lenoir County Partnership Agreement Community Teams with Schools.

It will allow the schools to handle minor violations without law enforcement having to get involved.

This was first started over a year ago and finally began to pass by the agencies involved last week.

The schools don’t want to see students’ futures ruined because of a minor violation.

They say previously, it could affect things like getting into the military and college.

Members of the board of education say the initiative was brought to them by judges.

“They were seeing a lot of inconsistency in what was being brought to the court system,” said Jonathon Sargeant, Chairmen for the Lenoir County Board of Education.

“So they reached out to us originally and said ‘how do you feel about working together and try to make this uniform plan,’ and we thought it was fantastic because that’s part of our system we were never really about to have influence on.”

It should be noted again this system is in place for minor violations within the schools, such as pushing someone in the hallway.

Major violations if necessary will still involve law enforcement.

The school district says safety will remain a top priority.

Once the agreement passes all parties involved it is expected to take effect immediately.

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