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KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) “My dad was heavily into baseball. He played in high school. When I was five, he signed me up for a coach pitch. I kinda’ caught the bug,” said Down East Wood Ducks Hitting Coach Chase Lambin.

And since then, Baseball has become Chase Lambin’s life.

“Me and my brother both played Baseball,” Lambin said. He played college ball and I ended up playing 13 years of professional baseball. So, it just started from age 5 and have never stopped.”

Now as the Hitting Coach of the Down East Wood Ducks, Chase is aiming to teach others what he has learned throughout the years.

“I thought I can help the younger generation, so I started to put out resumes and luckily got the opportunity with the Rangers,” Lambin said.

And as a family man, he’s always trying to find the balance between sports and spending time with his wife Sara and their two kids Stella and Champ.

“They’re my number one,” Lambin said. And be in this profession the hardest part is to make sure I keep them number one, even though there are travel and obligations on this job, the reason I do this is because they support me, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without their support and their love of this lifestyle. So, it worked great so far.”

Chase says his wife Sara is his rock.

“She pushes me to be my best she never lets me get down or question what we are doing with this life. So, she is my rock when it comes to that,” Lambin said. She’s a Rockstar.”

And Sara says she’s learned from Chase.

“Work ethic and determination,” said Sara.

And the couple’s children Stella and Champ are taking a page from their parents by supporting each other and both showing interest in Baseball.

“A five-year-old that loves ballet but she also loves baseball and one of my favorite things that she says is there a game tonight mom are we going to the game tonight? It is so nice… We are so blessed that they thoroughly love the game too,” said Sara.

And champ loves to play the game and practice with his dad.

“I love to hit,” said Champ.

Overall, Lambin’s are an example of how sports can bring a family together.

“Support is like the foundation,” said Sara. The foundation I say of our family.”

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