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9OYS Living Local: Downtown New Bern art walk

Lisa Bisbee Lentz spends most of her days painting at her gallery, the Greater Good Gallery on Craven Street.

The artist moved to New Bern in 2010.

"I set up my aisle on the sidewalk, and I would paint on Saturday mornings for almost two years,” said Lentz. “That's how I met a lot of my creative friends."

By 2013, she achieved her dream of opening her own gallery, showcasing not only her work, but the work of those creative friends.

“When like-minded people get together, it's like time and space just disappear,” said Lentz.

She said art is what connected her to her new city, and now she connects her gallery to others through the New Bern art walk.

"We sit in here and showcase how a painting comes to life, and you get to watch us paint,” said Lentz. “We show them tips and techniques."

The art walk has grown substantially since Lentz started.

"Now there's so many locations, it's insane,” said Lentz. 

There is a total of 36 locations, all within a couple blocks of each other.

"It's so compact,” she said. “It has a small-town feel."

Jonathan Burger, with Bank of the Arts, said the galleries mesh well with the city’s restaurants, florists and retail stores. 

“A lot of them have specials on the night of art walk that rotate,” said Burger. “We have a third of the population of Greenville, yet we have at least double the galleries,so we have a very intense population."

"For such a little town to have this much creativity, this many artists, is just amazing,” said Lentz. “The art walk gives people an opportunity to experience the sense of community, and people for all generations to experience diverse creativity."

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