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PINK HILL, N.C. (WNCT) If you don’t learn the people of Pink Hill, you’ll ride on by.

Gary Jones has lived in Pink Hill all his life. More than 500 people call it home.

Jones said, “You got to learn the people. Once you learn the people of Pink Hill, everything will fall into place.”

He’s a regular customer at R-Mart, a gas station reopened by Penny Harper and her husband in January.

Harper said, “We’re really a lot busier than we expected. We’ve had folks they’ve come from, they tell us they come from Trenton, and other areas, just to get Hershey ice cream hand-dipped in certain flavors.

She’s been learning the community for years, through her family’s businesses.

“It doesn’t seem like a job. You’re helping other people but you’re making a living while you’re doing it.

Michael Hoffman said, “It’s awesome when people support the community. it’s awesome to feel the love returned.”

Hoffman and his wife, Jolene, are the owners of Jo’s Cafe.

Hoffman said, “This is a place you can come and immediately feel like home. Slide your feet up on the table like you’re enjoying a meal at your house.”

Jo’s Café is located off North Kinston Boulevard, a prime location for drivers passing by.

Hoffman said, “You’ve got traffic coming from Wilmington to Greenville, you’ve got college kids going from Greenville going back home to Wilmington. Highway 11 south and north are a busy roadway.”

Though travelers may come and go, there are something things about Pink Hill, you can’t put a price on, said Jolene Hoffman.

“Living in a small town, or having a business in a small town – one is that we help each other out.”

Della Jett, the owner of Two Dogs Pizza, said, “Everybody knows everybody. No matter where you go, you’re going to run into somebody that you know.”

Harper said, ”When we come here, we have all these little kids coming in. it’s like well gosh, here is my next little family.”

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