AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) – Our Living Local segment took us to Ayden on Tuesday. There we found a unique quilting club and class and we were reminded once again about the great BBQ you can find at one famous location.

Ayden is known for being a small and quaint town that has a lot of character, from restaurants to bakeries and much more.

Ayden is also home to one unique business called Quilt Lizzy’s. When you walk in, your attention is immediately grabbed by the bright quilts hanging on the walls and the hundreds of unique fabrics they have throughout the store.

They’ve had their doors open in Ayden for a year now and say it’s exactly something that’s needed here.

“We really are the biggest quilt shop in Eastern North Carolina,” said Laura Clark, store manager. “People who used to travel from this area all the way to Warrenton now come here.

“What I love about Ayden is their sense of adventure, their ability and willingness to take a risk which made it the perfect place to open Quilt Lizzy.”

Not only do they create your quilts for you but you can also buy your own sewing machine here. And they’ll even help you learn how to use it.

On Tuesday, we actually walked in on a kid’s sewing and quilting camp where they teach the future generation the art. They also have adult classes where you can maybe learn to pick up a new hobby.

(Ashley Turner, WNCT illustration)

Living Local: What makes ENC so special

If you’ve been in Eastern North Carolina long enough, you’ve had some BBQ from Skylight Inn or maybe even at Sam Jones.

It all started in Ayden at Skylight Inn back in 1947 when Pete Jones opened up a BBQ joint on this property. The tradition was passed along to Pete’s son, grandson, and nephew, who are still serving fresh BBQ today.

“There’s not a freezer on this property,” said Sam Jones, owner of Sam Jones BBQ. “There’s not a freezer on Sam Jones BBQ. Our food is made fresh every day. Skylight Inn is only a unique part of Ayden because my family has been so fortunate and blessed over the years.”

Sam Jones says it’s taken a lot of hard work for Skylight Inn to get the recognition it does. Some people even like to call it the BBQ capitol, as recognized by the capitol-like dome on top of their restaurant.

Next time you’re in Ayden, make sure you stop by here grab a BBQ plate and read about the Jones long line of BBQ tradition,