9OYS Living Local: Duplin Winery, popular hotspot in Duplin County’s Rose Hill

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If you’re a fan of food, wine, and fun, then Duplin Winery in Rose Hill is the place to visit this summer.

The Fussell family moved from New York to Rose Hill, North Carolina in the 1950s, where they started promoting grape rolling.

In 1972, right outside Rose Hill, the family started planting vineyards and expanded to a Bistro Restaurant in 1978.

Jonathan Fussel, the current President of the Fussell Family wine business, explains that each year the company produces 2 million gallons of wine, bottle 7,500 per hour, and 60,000 bottles per day.

And the family has come a long way, even expanding the winery to Northern Myrtle Beach in the last few years.

In 2018, the company produced over 1,200,000 gallons of wine, and sell around 500,000 cases annually. 

Visitors come from all over to re-live the memories that helped create Duplin Winery.

From private events, live music, and personal tours of the grounds, Duplin Winery is truly family-oriented.

To see events and tickets, click here.

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