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Living Local

Living Local stops at the town of Bath to show its rich history on land and water.

Bath is the oldest town in North Carolina and is very rich in history.

Bath’s blue waters open to the Pamlico River and they have colonial buildings that line the streets.

Residents and visitors can trace the streets back to colonial times.

A.J. Drake, a historical interpreter, stated “we kind of overlaid an early map from the time period of when the Palmers lived here over the google maps of the town today. It basically lines up just the same as it did, so it hasn’t changed much.”

The Palmer Marsh House is a very notable 18th century home that belonged to a customs collector for the Port of Bath.

Going inside you truly see what life was like in the past.

Today many boats pass Bath, but it used to be the first port of entry to North Carolina.

Drake said “one of the major problems Bath suffers at this time though is because it is such a shallow-water port, you are very limited to the size of ships that can come… Much of the larger ships coming will have to unload their cargo at Ocracoke Inlet and reload it onto a smaller vessel before it can come into Bath. So when larger ports like Edenton, New Bern, and Washington start coming into being it is much easier for larger ships to go straight to those ports.”

For more check out Historic Bath.

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