9OYS Living Local: Pitt County Brew & ‘Cue Trail

Living Local

All month long, WNCT is “Living Local.”  

We are highlighting different places in the East that make our communities unique.

In Pitt County, we are looking at the Brew and ‘Cue Trail, of course, we are talking about beer and BBQ!

Here’s how it works —- there’s 10 places on the list — several BBQ joints and several breweries, you get a little booklet at your first stop, and you keep filling it out as you go along until you’ve hit all of them, and whether that’s a few days — a few weeks — it doesn’t matter —- when you’re done, you get a prize!

The list of BBQ joints include:

The Skylight Inn BBQ and Bum’s Restaurant in Ayden.

You’ve got B’s BBQ, Parkers #1 and #2, in Greenville.

Sam Jones BBQ and Moore’s Olde Tyme BBQ in Winterville.

You’re going to get a stamp at each place until your booklet is all done, you’ll take it to the visitors center on Cotanche Street in Greenville for your prize – which is either a t-shirt or a pint-sized beer glass.

Will Stafford is the general manager at the Skylight Inn, he said,

“We’ve had people from all over come to eat BBQ, had a guy from Australia in here just this morning, Pitt County is really lucky to have this many BBQ joints in one county, you can go other places and they might have one or none!”

And that’s why they want you out here, trying these different places because there are so many to choose from.

When it comes to the beer, you’ve got Uptown Brewing Company and Pitt Street Brewing Company in Greenville, and The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville.

The folks at the Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visitors Center say the trail gives people something different to go out and try, and you’ll get to experience all the different things the county has to offer!

Andrew Schmidt is the executive director of the Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visitors Center, he said, “You’ll experience different atmospheres, meet different people, and I think also, these places aren’t next to each other, they’re across the county so they’ll learn more about the county as they go to these different places.”

But, the good thing is, maybe you don’t like beer or you don’t like BBQ, that’s ok, you can do just the BBQ joints or just the beer joints and still get your prize.

To learn more about Pitt County’s Brew and ‘Cue Trail, click here.

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