POLLOCKSVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Jones County was the latest stop in our month-long “Living Local” series. On Monday, we visited Pollocksville.

Following the damage from Hurricane Florence, Pollocksville’s boat ramp was revamped. They expanded the parking, put in new docks and focused on the landscaping so people would be able to enjoy the scenery as they made their way to the Trent River.

Just in the last year, they also added a kayak launch to the areas. Mayor Jay Bender said that since the renovations, the community has loved spending more time on the water.

(Ashley Turner, WNCT illustration)

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“What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to take advantage of our greatest asset, which is the river. It’s also our greatest asset-liability when it floods, but when it doesn’t flood, it’s our greatest asset,” Bender said. “So we obviously want to encourage people to come to Pollocksville, use our facilities.”

Bender also said they are looking into some other additions like boardwalks by the river and sidewalks by the roads.

Pollocksville also features Magnolia Lane Campground. It opened in January of this year. With summer activity picking up, they’ve been booked and busy these last few months.

The campground has 25 RV campsites and five tent sites that people can rent out. Inside the grounds, they also have trails and a lake so people can enjoy the scenic views. Some camping essentials like a bonfire pit, dog park and playground are available as well.

Owner Maghan Bender said Pollacksville is the perfect location, right between the coastal beaches and New Bern, so it’s nice for people to see the town as well as the neighboring ones.

“We really wanted to be a part of making Pollocksville a better place and offering things, bring people to Pollocksville because now that people are camping here, we have people all over North Carolina and South Carolina that are just coming to little old Pollocksville to come camp at Magnolia Lane,” Bender said.

Bender also adds their most recent addition has been the beach so families can build sandcastles or just lie out and relax. Bender mentioned as well that as the year finishes out, they hope more people will come to stay at the campsite and enjoy all that they have to do in Pollocksville.