ROSE HILL, N.C. (WNCT) — Wednesday is about Living Local in Duplin County.

Rose Hill, the site of the famous Duplin Winery is where we are spotlighting. Each weekday in July, we’ve taken a look at places around Eastern North Carolina to let you know what makes them so special. One of those spots is in Rose Hill.

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Duplin County is home to one of the largest wineries in the South. Duplin Winery is a family tradition that’s been a staple in the Rose Hill community for over 45 years. Rose Hill is also known as the home to the world’s largest frying pan but its the winery that’s always seemingly cooking up something good.

So, not only will you find both of those when you’re driving down Sycamore Street but you’ll see visitors from across the country coming in to see what Duplin Country has to offer. One’s of the winery’s owners says it drew in over 60,000 people last year alone. 

“We’re just so grateful and honored that we get the opportunity to entertain and meet a bunch of good people and they give us their business and help us create some jobs,” stated Dave Fussell, owner of Duplin Winery.

The winery has a rich history, too.

Opening in the 1970s, The Fussell family had no idea it would grow to be what it is today. It’s gotten so popular that a new location is about to open in sunny Panama City Beach, Fla. Their wines are currently being sold in over 15 different states.            

There are over 47 different types that they sell. They say the most popular flavor is actually Carolina Red.

They also offer a behind-the-scenes look at their production facility less than a quarter mile down the road.  

So, when you get the chance this summer, take a look and get a taste of this unique winery.