WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) – Big things continue to happen in Windsor.

The town has a population of just under 3,500, but it has a lot of draws for tourism. It’s part of our Living Local segments, where we spotlight a different destination in Eastern North Carolina on weekdays in the month of July.

If you’re looking for unique glamping opportunities, look no further than the Cashie River Treehouses, available for rent overlooking the swamp lands. Just down the road, a mini zoo with everything from chickens and goats to a zebra and bison.

“We like to pride ourselves on that small town feel, if you can say that, with the way we react to people and the way we treat people as they come in,” said Windsor Mayor Lewis Hoggard. “We’ve got a river that runs through our town, we like to highlight that so we have kayaking, canoe launches in town, above town.

(Ashley Turner, WNCT illustration)

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“And then at the tree houses, we have a canoe and kayak launch where you can get out then in the campground there and we have a wonderful Roanoke Cashie River Center that is worth checking out the exhibits.”

Windsor is also packed full of rich history, with the historic Hope Plantation offering educational tours and insight into the Native American and African American cultural history of the area.

Check back online on Friday as our “Summer Ventures” series will continue with more on the Cashie River Treehouses.

Another thing that makes Windsor and Bertie County so interesting is a zoo that is right in the middle of Windsor.

The Livermon Recreation Park and Mini Zoo was started back in 1989, a fun idea hoping to bring more traction to the area. Of course, they have animals like goats and llamas but they have a zebra and bison right here in Eastern North Carolina.

Now they have a plethora of goats, chickens, ducks, llamas, cows, sheep and mini horses all living in harmony together.  

“The idea that mayor wanted to do something special make Windsor unique and so it’s a mini zoo and that animals are nice to see too but it’s also a playground down but you saw out there a picnic table,” Hoggard said. “We have buses from schools or visit church groups or come from about roughly 45-mile area around or about to an hour away you can come in visit Windsor and hang out for the morning or the afternoon and see the animals run around the playground.”

This is a great day trip to bring the kids, play on the playground, eat lunch on the picnic tables and check out these awesome animals.