MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) – One local author is telling the story of another Carteret County woman during her time in Nazi Germany.

The story of Hilde Sensale encompassed in the book Darker The Night tells the challenges she faced during Hitler’s reign.

The tales of the local German war bride were launched on her 90th birthday all thanks to local author, Lisa London, who tells the stories of Hilde’s time as a Hitler youth.

“I said you know Hilde, I want to take your stories and I want the American people to understand what was the German perspective, what was their side?,” said London.

The book tells of Hilde’s experience as a young girl who found herself assembling airplanes, dodging bullets, and battling hunger while Hitler’s troops marched across Europe.

As Hilde matured, she found herself losing pride in her country due to tragedies brought on by the Nazi’s.

Hilde recalls one of those tragedies, the moment she went back to her hometown.

“There was not a living soul, no dog, no cat, nothing, and I walked down the street, I got the chills, started to cry, put my jacket on and just ran off a couple of streets and is never went back,” said Sensale.

The story also tells of her interaction with Americans, one specifically, a CIA agent, who would later become her husband.

But for Hilde, she says throughout her 90 years she wouldn’t change any of her experiences for the world.

“It was an interesting life, and I don’t regret any of the hardships,” said Sensale.

While the book only tells the life of Hilda from age 12 to 19, the author says they hope to make a sequel to the book to tell the story of her travels to America after marrying her American soldier.

If you’re interested in reading Darker The Night, you can visit, or purchase the book on Amazon.