VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As people in Hampton Roads prepare for more wet and windy weather to roll in, 10 On Your Side is investigating the best way to prepare your home for potential storm damage.

One Virginia Beach insurance agent tells us that one of the best parts about the local landscape can also make it dangerous.

“Out here, you’ve got big trees. So, with any high wind storm, you have a chance that those trees are going to fall, limbs are going to fall,” said Erik Fink with Fink & Associates Insurance.

One of the best steps you can take is to research tree care companies and other contractors before you need them. And keep that list handy.

“You have a cheat sheet…of your insurance agent’s number, any contractors that you may need, any emergency phone numbers that you might need, so that’s on file for you,” Fink said.

Another unique concern for Hampton Roads residents? Power lines — many of them are still above ground, Fink said. So be prepared to lose power. And take other steps to physically prepare for oncoming winds.

“Make sure stuff’s not flying around the backyard,” he said. “Make sure you turn lawn chairs over, make sure stuff is out of the wind next to the house, if you can get it up there. If there’s any debris in the yard, you can pick it up quick.”

You’ll also want to know what your deductibles are for different kinds of storms. Coverage for win and hail storms differs from coverage for named storms. When a storm is given a name by the National Weather Service, coverage varies.

“I would just be very, very careful with that,” Fink said. “You know what your deductibles are going into a storm like this.”

10 On Your Side also went to AAA to ask for their advice on staying safe. Their answer probably won’t surprise you.

“Preparedness,” said Ryan Adcock with AAA Tidewater.

“Not just insurance and property damage-related, but just making sure that you are prepared and to not have to go out on the roads if you don’t have to,” he said. “Just stay inside and not put yourself in a situation out on the road if you don’t have to be.”