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Passengers of Beaufort cruise ship that took on water tell story

BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) - Around 8 p.m. Thursday night, the Fort Macon Coast Guard got a call that the Crystal Coast Lady, a large cruise ship based in Beaufort, had started taking in water. 

The Coast Guard said there were 78 passengers on board, all of whom were evacuated before the Coast Guard started to remove the water from the boat.

Two of those passengers, Carissa Berg and Nick Linza, said the situation was more scary than exciting.

“People started pulling out their phones," said Lizza.  "There was no fear. They were kind of excited, because when does this ever happen?”


They said they were able to laugh about the situation.


“Kind of in my head it was like 'Wow, our luck,'" said Berg. "We were just trying to enjoy a nice evening watching the sunset and then something like this had to happen.”


Still, Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Ronald Hodges said a quick response was important when it came to saving the ship.


“Quick responses are very, very, very important in situations like this," said Hodges. "At times, people think that they may be able to handle a situation like this. But we do suggest you contact the Coast Guard as quickly as possible so we can help you fix the situation before it gets worse.”


All 78 passengers made it off safely with no injuries reported.


The boat was close to it's mooring station, and was towed back to the dock.


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