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Bertie County Schools improve on district deficit

The 2015- 2016 school year turned out rough for the Bertie County School District.

An audit found a big problem.

"A deficit of $705,000 approximately,” said Financial Planner of Bertie County Schools.

Forcing the department of public instruction to step in and find the cause.

"The district employed over employed staff as the administration and students were declining,” said Executive Finance Director, Lisa Mowlin.

The district made cuts to over 25 faculty and staff positions and teacher assistance.

The school system also saw a change in superintendents.

The Superintendent of Bertie County Schools Dr. Catherine Edmonds took the helm in February of this year.

Edmonds has previous experience with deficit issues in a district.

"I saw far more opportunities than I did challenges in the district,” said Edmonds.

Despite cuts in the staff size, the student's education still took top priority.

With the help of the Department of Public Instruction, the district put together a 5 year plan.

So that means the five year plan is now expected to just two years.

As of the beginning of this month, there is $290,000 left to pay.

The district says if all goes according to plan, the deficit will be zero by the end of the school year.

This allows the district to make additional goals for the future.

And with that, the school system hopes to never be in this situation again.

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