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Camp Lejeune estimates $3.6 billion to recover from Florence

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WNCT) - - The outside of Camp Lejeune's buildings looks as if they've been untouched from Hurricane Florence. 

But on the inside of the II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Building, the hallways present the damage the storm left behind. 

"We were challenged with getting access to training ranges," said Lt. Gen. Robert Hedelund, the Commanding General of the II Marine Expeditionary Force. "We had problems with deploying forces on a timeline we were hoping to deploy."

The building was once a hospital.

Artwork of cartoons can be seen plastered on the wall, the original construction of the building. 

Due to the extent of damages, the facility will have to be replaced. 

Just down the road, the Marine Expeditionary Unit Headquarters Building is out of service.

As you step inside, the parts of the roof and water fill the entrance. 

It will take $200,000 to be torn down. 

Marines in the 2nd Tanks Batallion and 2nd Marine Division, are making due right now.

They are working out of certain areas in the facility and soon enough, trailers. 

One marine said they have to mop and clean up debris to perform their daily functions. 

The damages are affecting their training and education classes. 

"Now that our main classroom, our main facility has been destroyed by the hurricane, now we're forced to do, we'll have to go to other units to conduct our training," said Sergeant Major Aaron Campbell of the 2nd Tanks Battalion. 

On the water, the Onslow Beach also took a hit.

The damages affected the marines and their amphibious operations.

The Operations Officer for Marine Corps Installations East, Col. Nicholas Davis, said they are still limited at times. 

"All of our targets isn't all fully operational," said Davis. "We are still suffering from some flooded targets and some electrical issues on our targets aboard the base." 

However, marines are still mission capable. 

Brig. Gen. Ben Waston said in order to secure the funding to recover from the storm, they will need help from Congress. 

Watson said it will take $3.6 billion to recover from Florence. 

Most renovations will remain on hold until funding comes in to repair the damages. 

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