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Civic and Religious leaders gather to celebrate first 'Lighting of the Menorah'

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - The first week of December marks the beginning of Hanukkah. 

Here in the east, the special time brings a new beginning for the community. 

This year marks the inaugural lighting of the menorah. 

The ceremony brings an opportunity for civic, religious and Jewish leaders to come together and fellowship with the community. 

United voices and devotions serrated the Bayt Shalom Synagogue in Greenville during the ceremony. 

Each arm or candle represents 8 miracle days, also known as, 'The Festival of Lights'.

The commemoration is a rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem. Holy traditions are practiced every year including; dreidel, spinning tops, and fried treats. 

Rabbi Haley is over the congregation at the Bayt Shalom. 

"This is an opportunity to come together for a Holiday that celebrates Religious Freedom, and overcoming oppression," said Rabbi Haley. "We have a diverse group of people coming together who all bring their individual gifts of their communities.

Each night after the candles are lit, families give and receive gifts to loved ones.


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