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Committee fights against Craven County Equal Rights Amendment decision

In early July, the Craven County Board of Commissioners voted against a resolution to support the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment by North Carolina’s General Assembly.

Susan Long, who chairs the Craven County Equal Rights Amendment Committee, is fighting against that decision.

“I know we are in this for the long haul, “ said Long. 

Her committee is made of men and women.

“As a man, I think that, you now, I think about my mother, I think about my sister, I think about my daughter.”

Pastor Ray Griffin is against the amendment and thinks the Board of Commissioners made right choice.

“What rights do (women” have that we do not have today?” said Griffin.

He says there should be more clarity. 

“All I'm asking for is what is going on and what is happening and what their vision is down the road,” he said.

The Equal Rights Amendment Committee said they will continue their fight. 

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