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Elizabeth City, Pasquotank see serious rise in opioid overdoses

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) - Law enforcement officials from Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County met on Friday to discuss the increase in opioid overdoses in their area. 

According to a press release issued by their Emergency Management agency, they responded to 103 overdose calls in 2017. Already this year they have responded to 70 overdose calls. 

The increase in overdoses has increased the demand for Naloxone, the antidote used to reverse an overdose. First responders are finding it hard to keep the antidote in supply. 

The Elizabeth City Chief of Police Eddia Buffaloe and Pasquotank County Sheriff Randy Cartwright say they are concerned that a batch of heroin going around the area has a high concentration of Fentanyl, which is deadly and toxic. 

Officials say emergency services personnel are going through extra training to make sure they are handling potential Fentanyl exposure properly. They are also working to keep the community educated of the threat. 

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