Mobile Crisis Line means improved mental health care for Onslow Co.

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) --- Integrated Family Services of Onslow County is reaching out to let people know that they’re there for them in times of crisis.


The Mobile Crisis Team with Onslow County IFS has made it their mission to make sure residents know about the resources available to them in times of need.


IFS Mobile Crisis Team Director Tracy hyde said, “we provide face to face crisis intervention for anyone in a mental health, substance abuse, or developmental disability crisis.”


The team takes phone calls from those suffering mental health crises.


They respond to the scene of the crisis and direct people to the proper outlets to get help.


Mobile Crisis Supervisor Valentina Burrola said, “some of them are asking for help themselves. Some are getting referrals from law enforcement or so on and so forth. But we still have to remember that in the end, we’re here to support what they’re looking for and their needs.”


The team receives more than 50 calls a month from people in crisis situations.


IFS said they treat every call as an emergency, and come out to help no matter what time they receive the call. This relieves stress from Emergency Services in the county like police and EMS.


They said the ability to respond quickly to mental health emergencies has already made an impact in the community.


“It’s just a growing need,” said Burrola, “and more and more people are learning about us and utilizing us. And we’ve had really positive feedback from the community.”


While IFS has a working relationship with law enforcement, hospitals, and social services in the county, they do not always get them involved.


“EMS is your first responder if there’s a medical emergency.,” said Hyde. “Law enforcement is your first responder if there something legal or criminal involvement. So mobile crisis is your first responder when there’s a behavior health crisis.”


If you find yourself in a mental health crisis, call them at 866-437-1821. IFS never charges for their services. For more information or to get crisis help online go to integratedfamilyservices.net.

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