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Update: Pup missing after Fourth of July has been found

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - Tucker, the dog who ran away last week in Farmville after being scared by fireworks, has been safely returned to Emily Faircloth, his owner.

Tucker was found at the Farmville Country Club, right behind where he went missing.

"He was living good, like a mini vacation," Faircloth told 9 On Your Side. 




Here in the East, Emily Faircloth, lost her dog, Tucker, at a fireworks display in Farmville on July 3. 

In a post on Greenville, NC -- Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook page, Faircloth said she lost saw her 95 lb., goldendoodle dog running down Belcher Street in Farmville. He was not wearing a collar at the time. 

Faircloth wrote this detailed message to 9OYS about Tucker and his disappearance:

"My name is Emily Faircloth. While visiting my friend on Tuesday, July 3 my 3 year old, yellow male Goldendoodle, Tucker, went missing during the fireworks display.  He was last seen running south down Belcher St in Farmville, NC. He was running so fast that we were not able to keep up with him and lost sighting very quickly. Local friends, family and neighbors have not seen him since.

Tucker is a very friendly dog who aims to please at all times. He enjoys being outside and playing in the water whenever able. Tennis balls, or balls of any sort for that matter, are his favorite toys. He is fairly large for his breed, weighing in at roughly 95 pounds. He has a very short summer cut this time of year and looks like a yellow lab with a wavy coat. He has a bit of a caramel color mixed in, but overall he is golden in color. The only distinct marking(s) would be his canine teeth. They are pretty dirty and one is pretty green.  Teeth cleaning is well overdue J

I received Tucker from a friend three years ago and have cared and loved for him as if he was my child. He goes everywhere with me. We enjoy taking trips to the mountains, beach and local restaurants. He is loved by all and fears no one. I have never met a more submissive dog than Tucker. When people walk up with other dogs he crouches down and starts to crawl towards them like a little baby.  This dog means everything to me, and I feel completely lost and scared without him by my side. Please help me in finding my teddy bear. His momma has a surprise birthday cake waiting for him in a few weeks and she is dying to help him celebrate with lots of loves, cake, toys and kisses.  Please contact Emily Faircloth at 336-306-0830 or Emily_faircloth@ymail.com should you see her precious dog. A cash REWARD will be given upon his safe return!!!"

Statistics show more animals go missing around the Fourth of July than any other time of the year. Pitt County Animal Services and the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina say fireworks are to blame for the increase. 

Shelby Jolly, with the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina, told 9OYS there are some tips one should take to try to get their furry friend back home safely.

Jolly said it is important to call not only your local animal shelter but also shelters in surrounding counties -- up to 100 miles away.

 "A lot of people don't think about it when they pick up an animal to take it to the closest one, so you want to check everywhere. So if you were here in Greenville, I would also contact Lenoir County SPCA, Beaufort County Animal Shelter, you want to cover all your bases," she said. 

In addition to calling different shelters, Jolly said it is important to go visit them as well.

"Animals tend to get dirty when they are running, not everyone know the breed. So if you are like 'this dog is a lab' someone might call it something different," she said. 

Jolly also said it is important to post a picture of your lost pet, a detailed description about them and where the last place you saw them at online. Lisa Amundson, with Pitt County Animal Services, said in addition to Facebook and Paw Boost, Craigslist and Petango can be good platforms for your search. 

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