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Mother Earth named best whiskey in North Carolina

Mother Earth's whiskey has been named the best whiskey in North Carolina. 

They won three silver medals for their gin, too. 

Mother Earth entered a number of  international competitions competed to achieve these accolades.

Head distiller Kevin Graham said getting their product on an international stage brings a spotlight to the brand and to the city of Kinston. 

He said their spirits are more popular than ever. 

"We are behind production,” said Kevin “Big Shooter” Graham, head distiller for Mother Earth Brewing. “Demand outweighs what we can produce right now — especially with the whiskey; gin not so much. We can produce more now that we are in this facility, but these awards have really helped with the popularity." 

Graham says production at Mother Earth has quadrupled recently.

They will be adding medals to the bottles to represent the wins.

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