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NCDOT plans to add interchange to U.S. 70 in Lenoir County

KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) - The Hasty Mart manager Sam Yousef said the income he sees in his business strongly depends on what he also sees on this road.

"That's how we make a living that's how we raise our children, that's how you know we work," said Yousef.

But when he got a flyer in the mail about changes to come he became scared for how it will affect his business and other around him.

"I don't agree," said Yousef. "I don't agree at all. It's just not going to solve the problem. It's just going to make it some more problems."

The NCDOT plans to spend $16 million to change the intersection into an interchange, complete with a bridge and ramps.

"In my opinion and only my opinion is they are changing because of Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Greensboro people getting to the beach faster," said Paula Wade, who regularly drives on the road.

Wade is not in favor for the changes, but she is also not wrong.

NCDOT project engineer Robby Taylor said the new interchange could cut down on accidents and provide faster hurricane evacuation routes

"It would actually create a freeway facility from Raleigh all the way to the port in Morehead, which would allow commerce to flow more freely," said Taylor.

This project is still very early in development and doesn't even have a projected construction start date until 2024.

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