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New Bern company receives 'F' rating from Better Business Bureau

NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) - - One business in the east has received an 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina.

     In the past 12 months, the BBB has received 15 complaints about ‘Tooth and Nail Cosmetics’ located in New Bern.

     These complaints range from the product never being delivered or arriving damaged.

     Over half of the complaints submitted report waiting over 3 months without receiving their orders.

     One complaint even says they were blocked from all of their social media when asking about the status of their order.

Some of the complaints read:

“I placed an order for a makeup highlighter trio on April 10th. It is now June and I still have not received my package.
I emailed the company with my complaint multiple times. They hardly respond or if they do they just say oh it will be there by Saturday. I then asked for a refund and they have stopped responding to my past three emails.”


“Issues with never receiving product i paid for and never being given a successful refund.
On December 4 2017 I ordered a "Pumpkin King" eyeshadow palette as a Christmas gift. I received an email that same day saying my order can be complete, I was order #***********. I paid with my visa credit card and the total came to $28.80 in which I was charged right away. I wait until December 29, 2017 to email the company again letting them know I never got my makeup just to see what was up. I got a response from someone by the name of ************ from the company, telling me that I would just need to resend the order number and she would call the post office immediately to get it taken care of. I wait until January 8th of 2018 and still get nothing. So i email once more and do not get a reply until January 10th stating that they have nothing to do with USPS and how long it takes. I then asked for a tracking link in which they ignored my message several times. Frustrated that I had been waiting an entire other month, I messaged them once more asking for my more back. Instead, she replied with saying one was setting up. On February 20th I had enough and demanded my money back. I am still waiting on my money here on March 3,2018 and I do not believe I will ever get it.

"Anytime you're shopping online, you just want to do your research ahead of time cause nobody wants to run into this situation,’ said BBB serving Eastern North Carolina President Mallory Wojciechowski”

“So we advise you to look up a company a head of time before shopping"

The BBB has made multiple attempts at reaching Tooth and Nail to discuss the complaints and help find solutions and have yet to hear back.

     Tooth and Nail gained popularity last year when it was featured in multiple magazines and articles.

     According to the company's website, processing time for orders takes 8-10 business days and says they will replace broken or damaged items.

Click here to read the full report from the BBB.

If you have a complaint against a business you can file it here.

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