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Newport Fire Department hosts Fireman's Day for Fire Prevention Week

NEWPORT, N.C. (WNCT) - Newport Fire and Rescue hosted Fireman's Day at Newport Community Park on Saturday. 

The event was a part of Fire Prevention Week. 

The educational event gave community members a chance to get hands-on fire safety experience. 

Organizers say the event was much needed for community members of Carteret County - one of the hardest hit places in the East from Florence. 

"We are hoping it's just giving them a break from Hurricane Florence," said Benny Whitley, Newport Fire Chief. "For them to have a day to come out, the weather is beautiful, interact with the firefighters and all here in the town, and for us to just say thank you for all their support too."

Chief Whitley said the event was much needed for his crew as well. 

During Florence, the Newport Fire and Rescue squad performed 400 water rescues in the first 48 hours of the hurricane. Seven of the Newport firefighters were also displaced from their homes, while 14 endured significant damage. 

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