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Onslow County setting record straight on 911 call protocol

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) --- Onslow County is hoping to set the record straight about just what happens when you call 911.


The county’s Emergency Operations Center fields all incoming 911 calls for police, fire and EMS, and animal control.


They say they’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from people concerned about having to answer questions and worrying that help is being delayed.


911 division chief Ray Silance said the questions are important, but they don’t delay how quickly help can get to you.


“While that telecommunications is on the phone,” said Silance, “talking with the person that calls 911 for help, another dispatcher is dispatching. So just because we’re on the phone asking you these questions, doesn’t mean help is not coming.”


Silance said the most important thing to remember if you have to call 911 is to keep calm.

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