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Organizers raise awareness about the dangers of migrant children and human trafficking

FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - As frustration builds for families and lawmakers, it's putting minors in the middle of danger near the border. 

Last night, the administration did not meet the deadline to unite migrant children with their parents. 

Labor, sex and survival trafficking are the most prevalent. 

For many migrants, they are forced into a world of crime and extortion leaving children to use their bodies as a way to make a living. 

Pam Strickland is the founder of ENC Stop Human Trafficking. 

"It's not something that only happens in China and India and Africa but it happens here in Eastern North Carolina," said Strickland. "We as a society in many times have failed these children over and over again." 

As debates continue in Washington, concerns continue to peak for children in the world of human trafficking. 

"The point is these children are incredibly vulnerable and since it's so many of them, the government hasn't been able to keep up tabs on where they are," said Strickland. "Many of these kids are on the street and don't have anywhere to stay and are willing to exchange sex for a place to stay." 

Strickland says there are a few ways to fight trafficking, 

"We must be the trusted adult and we need to be someone that young people can talk to and trust," said Strickland. 

Experts say if you see a suspect or a victim do not attempt to intervene, ask questions, or approach the trafficker.

Instead, contact the local police. 

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